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Few people know that silica is one of the most vital minerals essential to the human body, second only to oxygen.

Nutritionally, the most plentiful sources of silica are plants and drinking water.  Other sources include seaweed, peppers, root vegetables, alfalfa and whole grains.  Countries where a more vegetarian diet is eaten have a higher amount of silica as compared to Western diets. Silica is an important ingredient in forming collagen fiber.

It aids in forming and strengthening the connective tissues, such as the heart, arteries, tendons and ligaments.  It also supports good nail and skin health.  Daily intake of silica makes easier, faster, more efficient repair of wounds, healing burns, the strength of gums and teeth and the proper function of the gastro-intestinal tract possible.  It is clear that silica plays a key role in our overall well-being to keep us young and healthy.

You can’t survive without silica as it helps all the other vital nutrients to be absorbed by the body.  This mineral helps our bodies to keep calcium and some other important minerals inside our bone tissues, internal organs, teeth, skin, and the other fundamental body parts that need proper nutrition.

Silica is among the most significant and most known minerals.  The human body stores much more silica as compared to any other mineral, even iron. Nature’s building block – silica, allows the human body to absorb the other vital vitamins and minerals it requires to stay alive and functioning at peak performance.  Because of soil depletion, a bad diet plan, and food products with poor nutritional value, many people lack silica in their systems. If you do not take silica daily, the body remains weak, unable to utilize the nutrients needed to maintain good health.

Calcium has been shown, that with out proper amounts of silica in your system, it causes bone damage, and osteoporosis occurs.  If consumed with calcium, the body will restore bone tissue and joints are repaired: Silica promotes the body’s ability to absorb and use valuable vitamins and minerals.  It aids bone tissue growth and joint health. Maintains bone strength – which optimizes healing and reduces scarring of fractures.

Silica is found in collagen as one of the most essential elements to maintain younger, healthy skin.  It eliminates harmful toxic compounds and pathogens, in our bodies such as: heavy metals, parasites and bacteria. With time, we will uncover all the benefits to our health that silica holds for us.  Silica means life.

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  1. if i take SILICA can i still take vitamin D n calcium tablets or no need just silica will do?? Can i take silica for long term or only 3 months stop n start again?

  2. can males take silica or is it only for females tq?

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